Call for Papers

The Conference on “Managing Tourism across Continents – Tourism for a better World”.

This online conference will be held by The Association of Turkish Tourism Academics (TUADER) with the support of leading universities in Turkey and in collaboration with worldwide prominent and respectful tourism scientists and academics.  The objective of the conference is to combine the tourism scientists, academics and professionals from all around the world and thence discuss new trends and developments in tourism (and all related) fields among the participants from different continents in a multi-cultural scientific environment.

It is well known that sustainability is very crucial concern for all human related activities. Global warming, increasing environmental problems, population and poverty problems in developing and underdeveloped countries, regional conflicts and wars among nations, immigration from poor countries to wealthy regions, narrowing green areas and lessening forests, deteriorating cultural values etc. are some of them. Thus, the second important objective of this conference is to contribute to more sustainable environment through responsible tourism development, and creating more peaceful international relations as well.
As a result, all dimensions of tourism both as business and as human activity are expected to discuss in this colorful event and all academics are welcome to participate in the intercontinental conference.

All manuscripts and papers will be evaluated through double blind review process and all accepted and presented papers will be published in the conference proceedings.  The papers that will be evaluated as high scientific quality will also be published in the leading tourism journals where some of the referees of this conference are also the editors and/or members of editorial boards of these journals.

Conference Chairs: Prof. Dr.Muzaffer UYSAL, University of Massachussets (USA) – Prof. Dr. Orhan İÇÖZ, Yaşar University (Turkey)
Conference Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Ebru GUNLU– Dokuz Eylül University (Turkey) - Vice Coordinator: Dr. Alaattin BASODA - Selcuk University (Turkey)